Accelerated Math

Accelerated Math is a Monroe City School District Initiative Program.  This year at Carver we have implemented the Accelerated Math Program in grades 2-6. 

Accelerated Math is designed to monitor the progress of mathematical skills practice. In order to serve that purpose, Accelerated Math will generate individualized practice assignments for all students, correct practice assignments, and record results in a data base that is available to the teacher. It also prints the practice results for the students to see in the form of a TOPS report and the student's next individualized practice assignment based on the results of the assignment previously scored.

Accelerated Math will also generate math tests for students at the teacher's request. These tests are based on student performance on math practice assignments on which the student has been working. When a student correctly answers enough questions about a specific math concept on a math practice, the student will be eligible to test on that concept. Accelerated Math will score the student's test; record the results in a data base and print the student's TOPS report so that the student has immediate feedback about his/her work.

While using Accelerated Math, the teacher plans instructional lessons; instructs the students in whole class, small group, and individualized settings; discusses practice assignments and tests with the students; monitors student learning using reports generated through Accelerated Math; motivates students by setting individualized goals and providing feedback; and intervenes when students need additional help in order to master a mathematical concept. The student using Accelerated Math is responsible for helping to set individual goals appropriate to their ability level, to work practice assignments or tests, to review work and correct problems, and to discuss assignments and tests with the teacher.